Fredsvagten ved Christiansborg


Aug. 29, 2006 -- Reporting today from Copenhagen. 

Three sole peace demonstrators maintain a lonely vigil outside the Parliament (Folketing) building in Copenhagen. They are protesting the first aggressive military action Denmark has taken in 150 years -- its joining with the United States in the military occupation of Iraq. They have been at the Parliament since October 19, 2001 and today marks day number 1775 since they -- along with an eternal flame -- have reminded Danish lawmakers and the public of the Danish government's culpability in joining the Bush and Blair administrations in the genocidal war in Iraq.

Day 1775 for the lonely Danish Peace Watch outside the Parliament in Copenhagen.

One of the peace vigil holders was more critical of the Danish left than he was of the neo-conservatives and extreme right wing parties who support the current government. He said the left, including the Social Democrats and the former Communists, were weak-kneed in the face of Danish neo-conservatism and militarism in support of the Bush/Blair global agenda. The fact that only three peace protestors stand in front of the Parliament, where the Social Democrats hold 47 seats, the Socialist People's Party 11, the Red-Green Alliance 6, and the Faroese Republican Party and Greenland socialist Inuit Ataqatigiit Party 1 each, speaks volumes to the fact that the left everywhere has lost its backbone, intestinal fortitude, and commitment to fight the militarists, the neo-conservatives, and the global corporations. Leftist parties have sold their souls to multi-national conglomerates and the banker's class at the expense of the workers, anti-militarists, and the poor.

Today, the three peace vigil holders had to contend with a very aggressive passerby from Israel. He accused the Danish Peace Watch members of supporting terrorism (a familiar mantra from the Israeli war camp and its U.S. interlocutors). The obnoxious Israeli provocateur demanded that the peace vigil members explain to him why they were displaying pro-terrorist propaganda on the street. Israel likes to claim that it is a democracy -- it might want to instruct its travelers to other countries to respect democracies abroad and curtail the tired old neo-con propaganda that many of us are just so damned tired of hearing -- whether in Washington, DC or Copenhagen.

Krig er terror!
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Opdateret: 07/11/2006