Fredsvagten ved Christiansborg

060725 Internationale fredsvagtdag

Jeg har også skrevet dette som et forslag til tale 1. august hen på
eftermiddagen når de unge mennesker er kommet med deres
internationale antifacisme-lejr.

Det er helt rå kladde – jeg har ikke læst det igennem
060725 tale til 1. august

Dear young friends, thank you for coming here to join and support our

We have been standing here 5 years soon.. in autumn, while DK the 19.
of october 2001 sended out a warship to help the americans fighting
At that very same day when this decision was made in the `Castle of
Power´ – you see it´s granite all the way up,
in the late afternoon Lars; an american guy living here, took place
out there, all alone with his little gear. I came 2 hours later and
we went home that night at 2. Lars took all saturday alone. And
sunday I releived.
From that very day we´ve been here everyday
fulfilled with the feeling that the Empire is rising again on the
ruins of Twin Towers.

Filled with the feeling of extraordinary unjustice; WHY are USA
allowed to kill and do wars overseas for their interests,
but when they themselves tastes the bitter medicine, we all wag the
dummy tail; of course you are allowed to strike back. Who got WMD´s
when it comes to the matter.

Filled with the childish wondering; WHY cant people not see the
incredible hypocrisy

filled with proudness; now we have found a place to be heard, to be
seen, to keep the protest alive instead of sitting home in the deep
armchair swallowing our own vomit, every time we see or hear or read
the papers eccoing the unbeleiveable lies coming from the Bushmen and
all thier wagging dogs, so Blair, Berlusconi.. and the danish puddel
Fogh Rasmussen, a lot of others not mentioned.

Ground Zero, the fundament of The New Empire.
could it happen.
There is a lot of very disturbing facts and not answered questions
about 911.
The book I read is The New Pearl Harbor, that is collecting facts
from several other thorough documentations. Its written by a highly
appreiciated professor in theology and philosofy: David Ray Griffin.
(Ads over)
Joke aside, I really recommend this book and hope that it has been
translated to your different languages.
If you are dedicated to the official explanation you will not dare to
read it. But if you are ready to face the terrible truth; this book
will support you with a lot of facts.
Its like a puzzle. The more pieces, the better you can see the entire
vision. Griffin supports a large number of pieces. And suddenly it
gives a good meaning to imagine bin Laden still beeing a CIA co-
operative. It sounds weird and conspiracylike to most people that
WILL believe… But still it gives good meaning, when a lot of details
about different intelligence-service-activities are debunked.
But this are speculations – stick to the facts. They are heavy enough
to assure that any society counting itself as a SOCIETY of JUSTICE,
will have to put the Bushmen for trial… sentenced for for keeping
back decisive information.
This is not happening in USA. Still the so called `free´ media hold
all microphones to pass on the golden informations; His Masters Voice.
And in the bone-biting cost-benefit for the `free´ media it doesn´t
count positive to dig out truth.
Griffin goes so far that he concludes: Goodbye to democracy, as a
result of the ignorance of the truth of 911.
So far the neocon empire-builders have had succes. Making us scared
we stand behind. The more fear they make, the more we support them;
the Strong Man.

And it seems on the edge, which way the american… and our… society
will fall and continue. Will we step by step accept more and more
controle. So the day times get worse economically and we wake up to
see we are all in bondage, dancing after the pipe. And will we then
realize that there is no longer a freedom of speech, voting is gone;
expanded out in everything and nothing on the net.
Goodbye democracy.

THAT´S why I´m glad to see You, the youth from where the future
comes, here to day; focusing the war and the slow moving towards
fascism and imperialism.
FredsVagten… translate.. is not large anymore, but we cnt go home
knowing that we will then again leave this square to alone and dumb
vitness the daily humiliation.

So, though we are not many, we work like a little mouse in the
stonefundament of the Castle. Gnawing a little deeper every day.
You may know the old word: The stone was hollowed by the drops of

thank you for the word.
thank you for the arrangement
may we see soon the light

8. august 2006

Krig er terror!
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Minna 21515508.

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