Copenhagen Peace Watch

Foundation of the Peace Watch

Everyone has an equal right to peace.

  1. The Peace Watch is an association of people who, across divisions of political, religious and ethnic background, believe that the way to peace is based on dialogue and global justice.
  2. The Peace Watch stands in front of the Danish House of Parliament, Christiansborg, every day since 19 October, 2001, to demonstrate our protest against Danish participation in the ‘War on Terrorism’, which threatens to impair our security, both globally and locally.
  3. The Peace Watch keeps a Flame of Hope lit, a symbolic flame of life for those whose lives, families and societies are crushed as a result of war.
  4. The Peace Watch itself practises peace in its encounter with the public.
  5. The Peace Watch is represented at any time by the members of the watch who are present.
  6. The overall expression and views of the Peace Watch are discussed and developed at general meetings.
  7. The Peace Watch demands no other prerequisite of its participants than to stand for the cause of peace on the above foundation.

Adopted by the general meeting, 3 August 2002.

The foundation statement originally appeared on a flyer from 2002.

War IS terror!
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